Super Ripper is the man!!


My hero’s name is Super Ripper.  He lives in Georgeville.  He has beautiful brown eyes and long black hair.   He is very strong, with powerful legs with large, bright teeth that can destroy somebody’s eyes just by looking right into them.  My hero’s loving, very caring, and brave.

He is exciting to watch.  He helps people and is willing to protect them with his might.  He is able to destroy things miles away.  He can climb walls and has an invisibility cloak that cannot come off (it is attached to his neck and he can use it at will).

Super Ripper can fly in the air. He is happy and smiley when he saves people from death.  He is so powerful, he can hold up a building without twitching.  He would do anything to stop humans from getting hurt, including his enemies.  These powers will help him in many other ways.  I think that he should go and fight against the enemies.  That is why I think he should be the one to stop Dr. Jerre.

An unlikely hero!

My hero was loving and very caring. He was my ultimate protector. My hero was my dog. His name was Suds.

Suds became my hero when I was about five years old. That summer, I was playing in the back yard in my sand box with my little sister Sydney when all of a sudden, I heard a growling sound.  I noticed that it was Suds that was growling. He always stayed close by when we were playing outside.  I walked toward him.  His tail stopped wagging, the hair was standing up on his back, and he was bearing his teeth like I had never seen before.  He had started to bark with fierce growls in between.  I looked in the direction he was barking and I saw a gray coyote approaching onto the lawn.

Coyotes had been spotted roaming around.  I ran in back of the sand box with Sydney while Suds continued to bark.  My mom had been watching from the window and heard Sud’s alarming bark.  She came out just in time to scare the coyote away.   If it wasn’t for my dog, I’d be coyote meat. Suds was without a doubt, my ultimate hero that day.  Since Suds has died, he has been greatly missed.

We’re so amazing!

Hey my name is Zack

Our blog lets you learn different information through a lot of activities. You can also go on different blogs all over the world. We can comment on people and make slideshows.

Instead of using the word “really” you can use definitely, beyond a doubt or certainly!

Here’s my good riddle: Why did the elephant blow his nose?

Jouvence is top notch!

Jouvence is cool because they have obstacles and games. They also had stories made up by people. My favorite activity was playing broom ball with my friends.

At the and of the day we played kick the can. It was . The food was delicious; especially the breakfast. I had eggs, sausages, toast, and little crêpes with maple syrup.The bedtime snack was a surprise and I enjoyed the cookies and milk.

When it was finally the last day, I had to say goodbye to Jouvence.

I’d for sure love to go back there again.