What is a blog?????

What is a blog????

A blog is a website where you share your sweat and tears otherwise known as writing pieces. A blog is a journal of what we have done over the school year and we get to share it worldwide. A blog is also like your own diary; you share your opinions, views and ideas.

How has the blog helped you learn?????

I enjoyed making the avatar. It was fun designing your own monster or person and I felt it helped let us express ourselves. Some of the links like bookfilx helped us with our reading. Bookflix had online books with words at the bottom that someone else reads while we are watching the story unravel. Another thing I enjoyed was making the Voki! You get to create your own character and record your own voice. This helped me articulate.

How has the blog helped your writing?????

It helps my writing because I get to comment with people around the world and they get to comment back. If you want you can reply back to that person. On top of that we did lots of writing pieces like the super hero piece and the Toondoo comic strip and Piclit image! Now that was fun!

Here is Your Man!!


Hi my name is Ash I have brown eyes, a red hat with black on it and a red and black shirt and pale skin and black hair. I always wear blue jeans and I am quite skinny and rather short for my age but I defeat so many villains for the love of children.

I am extremely courageous and never back down from a fight. I am heroic because I am always willing to withstand the heat when it comes to battling villains. It all began when I turned 10 year of age, I could go on my adventure for gym badges to become the ultimate trainer but for now I`m stuck battling villains.

My super-power is the ability to catch and control Pokémon and harness their power. Pokémon are little creatures that have a vast variety of powers that can be used to defeat horrible enemies, and to help people when in need from troublesome villains.

How can I defeat Dr Jerry? It’s not going to be easy, but with my extraordinary Pokémon it will take some guts but someone needs to do it for the love of the earth . For everyone’s health so that Dr Jerry won t pollute the world.

Heroes 1 and 2

My heroes are my mom and dad because they do a lot for me like take care of me, lend a helping hand and be supportive. My parents both go to the limit for me and they give all that they can to ensure I am safe and happy.  My dad is hilarious because his jokes are out of this world. I am so grateful to have my mom and dad. I know they will continue to put a roof over my head until I grow up. Maybe one day I’ll have the chance to do the same for my children.