Challenge 4 is close to home

Hey Cycle 2, Room 15, Brilliant Bloggers and anyone else checking in!

As you know Challenge 4 involved examining our community. In their post What’s a community, Room 15 asked us (and the Brilliant Bloggers) to create a diagram or map to help them compare and contrast their community with ours. We will be doing the same!

Our Spicynodes is quite heavy (we made an interesting video which I also embedded below) so I decided to leave you the direct link here.

We worked hard as a class to try and provide you with as much information as we could. Make sure you keep clicking on the Nodes to see if the concept web continues!

If you would like to see our community video we did early this year please go to our post Asbestos here we come…

Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 12.20.05 AM

Secret Window (1994) shot in North Hatley

7 thoughts on “Challenge 4 is close to home

  1. Hi Miss B and Cycle 2
    your video of North Hartley is fantastic. The music you have selected really suits the images. North Hartley looks like a beautiful place to live. It seems that it has exactly what community should have – a very close knit feel.
    It also looks like the sun shines very often in North Hartley, very much the opposite for us here in Scotland. The rain is very much a part of our community.

    We are off school for our Easter holidays for the next two weeks. Do Miss B’s Block have any holidays just now?

    Miss Docherty and The Brilliant Bloggers

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  3. Yeah Miss B the video was very nice and I loved how you put that whole thing toghter!!

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  5. Wow, this looks fantastic. I’ll be showing Room 15 tomorrow. We were very busy last week with our Outdoor Education week but back in to the class this week and looking forward to getting stuck in to our blogging again! Our videos for you answering some of your questions (and a few added extras) are nearly ready.

    Well done on your great Te Reo greetings!

    Will be in touch soon with our comparisons =)

  6. Hi everyone! Bella’s mom here. Just a quick note to say that Mr. Depp was an awesome man who took pictures with all the kids. He was patient, kind, and kind of cute too!! haha p.s. I was in my work clothes which explains my freaky shirt. Keep up the interesting blog. TTFN