An unlikely hero!

My hero was loving and very caring. He was my ultimate protector. My hero was my dog. His name was Suds.

Suds became my hero when I was about five years old. That summer, I was playing in the back yard in my sand box with my little sister Sydney when all of a sudden, I heard a growling sound.  I noticed that it was Suds that was growling. He always stayed close by when we were playing outside.  I walked toward him.  His tail stopped wagging, the hair was standing up on his back, and he was bearing his teeth like I had never seen before.  He had started to bark with fierce growls in between.  I looked in the direction he was barking and I saw a gray coyote approaching onto the lawn.

Coyotes had been spotted roaming around.  I ran in back of the sand box with Sydney while Suds continued to bark.  My mom had been watching from the window and heard Sud’s alarming bark.  She came out just in time to scare the coyote away.   If it wasn’t for my dog, I’d be coyote meat. Suds was without a doubt, my ultimate hero that day.  Since Suds has died, he has been greatly missed.

2 thoughts on “An unlikely hero!

  1. Zack your hero was one of the best heroes I have heard about! You really blew my mind with your details!

  2. You must have been scared when you saw the coyote coming in your yard. Did you try to protect your sister? Your dog was very brave.