Challenge 2

Hey Cycle 2,

Thanks for sending me all your avatars. I think they look great! So…as you can see… we are already behind on our challenges, but don’t worry we’ll catch up. We have been so busy with our 3 wonderful student teachers showing us some great things!

At selective parent teacher night, I made sure to show the blog to all the parents that came in and encouraged them to leave a comment. A few have and that’s wonderful! I’d love to here what you think? How could we get more parents involved? Leave a comment if you have an idea!

Challenge 2 Avatar Animoto

3 thoughts on “Challenge 2

  1. To Miss B’s Block,

    We liked your video of the avatars. How do you get the video of avatars on there? That is so cool. Do you live in the USA? We are guessing yes. What does your state flag look like?

    Julia and Samantha

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  3. Hi Miss B,

    Thanks for responding to Julia and Samantha with so much detail. I was wondering if you could help with one question that I have about the Animoto? When we embedded the code, it only gave a link and not a view box like you have. I was wondering if it’s something that takes time to show up? Thanks!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe