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Hello everybody!

Maddy Holden

Hi, my name is Maddy Holden.  I am eight years old but I will be nine in July.  I am in Grade 3 at John Wanless Public School in Toronto but will be moving to Lake Massawippi this summer and will be joining Grade 4 at North Hatley School.

Here’s a bit about me: my favourite colour is pink and my favourite animals are puppies and tigers.  I like drawing, painting, swimming and riding my bike.  My favourite subjects at school are Gym, Music and Art.  I also like playing video games and my Nintendo DS.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in August and making friends.

Bye for now,


What is a blog?????

What is a blog????

A blog is a website where you share your sweat and tears otherwise known as writing pieces. A blog is a journal of what we have done over the school year and we get to share it worldwide. A blog is also like your own diary; you share your opinions, views and ideas.

How has the blog helped you learn?????

I enjoyed making the avatar. It was fun designing your own monster or person and I felt it helped let us express ourselves. Some of the links like bookfilx helped us with our reading. Bookflix had online books with words at the bottom that someone else reads while we are watching the story unravel. Another thing I enjoyed was making the Voki! You get to create your own character and record your own voice. This helped me articulate.

How has the blog helped your writing?????

It helps my writing because I get to comment with people around the world and they get to comment back. If you want you can reply back to that person. On top of that we did lots of writing pieces like the super hero piece and the Toondoo comic strip and Piclit image! Now that was fun!


What is a blog?

– A blog is a place where you can share information in your writing or comment on other people’s stories or projects.

– A blog is also a place where you can put YouTube videos and all kinds of images.

– When I say the word (Place) I mean that the blog is a website on the Internet for people to check out.

– The blog is a journal of all the work that we did throughout the year; the projects and videos and other little enjoyable fun things that we got to do.

– You can comment on other pieces of writing that your teacher or classmates post.

– A blog is a website where you can have fun.

How has the blog helped me learn?

– The blog has helped me understand more about the computer and how to use it without struggling.

– The blog has taught me how to get images and how to copy-paste text.

– The blog kept a link to Bookflix.

– The blog helped me create an avatar and a cool voki.

– The blog is very enjoyable and exciting.

How has the blog helped my writing?

-The blog has helped my vocabulary through the whole year.

-The blog’s spell check has taught me that you need to spell your words correctly.

-The blog helped my creativity and helped my persuasive writing.



A blog is site on the internet were you can share information, writing, pieces, videos and images. You can also keep in touch with friends all over the world.


The blog helped me learn lots of vocabulary over the year by writing so much.  I have improved. It has also helped me discover and learn about different things such as how to make a voki, an avatar, and I learned how to put pictures on the blog. I learned about persuasive writing, how to make a comic strip and how to write a strong meaningful Piclit.


The blog has helped with my writing a lot because at the beginning of the year I was only commenting one line and now I write a paragraph with more questions and answers.


Blogging is an Internet site. It is a journal of all the work and activities we did over the year. We get to write posts and comments. There are videos, images and games on the blog.

The blog helped me become a better reader and writer because I got to practice my spelling and needed to read my comments to know what to write back!

I liked going on the blog this year!

What is a blog…really?

What is a blog?

A blog is website on the Internet. It’s really a journal where you can share information and writing pieces, see videos, write posts and comment on other people’s writing. You get to read your classmate’s posts and share comments. A blog is also a website where you can keep in touch with other people around the world. For example we did a video of our town and then we asked a blog in Australia to show us there town! So now we know a lot of information about Australia.

How has the blog helped you learn?

The blog has helped me learn how to get back and forth from other sites and get along with the Internet. I also learned how to make my writing more fluent and it helped me learn how to not make as many mistakes in my writing.  The blog let’s you explore the Internet and just have fun.

How has the blog helped your writing?

The blog helped me write because it has spell check. I got to see the correct spelling so they would get stuck in my head for the next time! The blog also helped me because Miss B our teacher had us on the blog a lot in class so I got to practice my creative writing.